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freedom.js is a framework for building peer-to-peer (P2P) web apps. Easily create social applications that work in modern web browsers, Chrome packaged apps, Firefox extensions, node.js, and native mobile apps. freedom.js apps are just JavaScript, so they can be distributed as packages on an app store or hosted on static web servers. We're bringing peer-to-peer back, baby.


P2P is reborn in the Web

Build powerful P2P apps using only JavaScript and HTML in a single-page application. Write applications in terms of users, not IP addresses. Our API lets you store data where your users want it, navigate the social graph by piggy-backing on existing networks, and set up direct connections between users for data transfer.

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No Server!

No server-side code needed!

Ship your web app using static web servers and CDNs, (like GitHub Pages). Package your code in a node.js package or browser extension. Build application logic common to desktop and mobile. And you can still make the rich social applications your users expect.

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Serious about cross-platform

When you wrap your app with freedom.js, it will work without modification in modern browsers, Chrome extensions, Firefox extensions, native mobile apps, and node.js.

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Plug-n-play networks

Want to use a different social network? No problem! Our plug-and-play API providers let you swap out the implementations behind the freedom.js interface without changing your application code. Users can contribute providers for the social networks they care about. You get the power of the Facebook graph, Twitter, XMPP, and many more without doing anything!

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Safely link code

When you host your freedom.js modules on the Web, any developer can link their app to your code, forming dynamic dependencies that are strongly isolated at runtime.

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